Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Totally Random: So my 5yr old daughter comes downstairs with her new jewelry box that Daddy bought her. "Mommy look." she says " Oh baby its so pretty. A princess jewelry box fit for a princess!" She opens it and asks me to look again. I took another look and once again told her how pretty it was. "No Mommy look inside what do you see?" her jewelry box is empty so I was confused as to why she was asking me to look inside. I did then told her that I didn't see anything. As she slams the jewelry box shut, she puts her hand on her hips and says "Exactly. Nothing. We need to go to Claire's." I was caught completely off guard by her comment that I agreed to take her.

Healthy Me: I go to the gym M-F and I always see this one hot chick with the sexy legs. (Yeah that's right Bitches I was checking her out, I'm not a lesbian but if I was I would totally hit that.) I finally built up the courage to ask her about her exercise routine without feeling like I was harassing her.so this is how our   lame ass conservation went:

me: I'm sorry to disturb you but you have really sexy legs, what do you do to get them so toned?

her: (Blushing and all bright eyed) Thanks for the compliment but I don't  have to do much to maintain this body I have a very high metabolism. I only workout 2-3 times a week.

my subconscious: Gurl you betta burst that bitches bubble with her lying ass.

me: Hmm that's odd because I see you here everyday at the same time and I know you are here at least an hour because that's how long I'm here. So obviously your body isn't that easy to maintain.

She gasps as if she so disgusted and offended by my response. I put my ear buds in, smile at her and walk away as my subconscious gives me a high five. Is it bad that I feel a little ticked because she didn't tell me her  secrete workout routine.... what a silly bitch.

Smiles All Around and Kisses

~Krazy Cutie~


  1. Ha ha ha.. I love your blog!! And your sense of humor! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  2. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! I literally LOL! You know, thats an example of how a beautiful person can become less attractive with such a selfabsorbed attitude! I loved that your burst her bubble. And I love that your daughter clearly has your sense of humor. HILARIOUS.