Saturday, September 22, 2012

Im Bringing Sexy Back!

Totally Random: Good Morning Hookstars! Guess what? Ya girl broke out that bag of toys last night! What the fuck was I thinking?!  Those nipple clamps hurt like hell and my hubby didn’t like the cock rings the said it felt weird in a bad way. I did like the pleasure beads that’s a keeper (insert smiley face). We didn’t know what to do with the feather… it was totally useless, the paddle was okay nothing special, and the best was the wedge pillow!!!! Ladies you can do lots of positions with that thing, it’s totally amaze balls we love it! I think I found the dirty whore within me and we had all types of kinky fun. So what’s next for this slut bag….I’m thinking stripper pole!

Even More Random Shit: So I’m having a bit of trouble with my 5yr old daughter Jaya she has become quite sneaky and I really don’t know if I should discipline her. Example: I told the kids to clean their rooms, the boys clean and she didn’t. She told the boys and I quote “Let’s pretend I’m a boss and this is my office and you boys work for me. But it’s my birthday and you are gonna have a surprise cleaning party for me while I go out of town to a meeting.”  She then came into my room to watch Good Luck Charlie and when the boys were finished cleaning her room they called her name and yelled “Surprise Happy Birthday” as she walked into her room. Now I didn’t know if she should have lost a sticker on her chore chart since she didn’t clean her room or give it to her anyway because she tricked the boys into doing it for her. She is always tricking them into doing something and they fall for it every time. Thursday I was looking for my purse for two hours and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I offered the kids two dollars for whoever found it and still no luck.  I decided to take a break to regroup and think about where it could be, after an hour my oldest son Jayson yells “Mommy I found your purse.” I asked where it was and he said Jayden (3yrs) had it. I asked why he didn’t give it to me when I was looking for it. His reply was “ No that’s not your purse, it’s my magic camping bag. I going to the jungle and catch dinosaur monsters. And I gonna chop them up like this (insert karate kick)” Oh I totally could have choked that kid but he looked so cute doing his karate kick that I decided to give him a free pass this time…smh…the joys of motherhood

Healthy Me: Well nothing special to report here. Last week I weighed 141 and this week I weigh 142.2 Next week I going to try pole aerobics to switch things up and learn a few things for the hubby. “Welcome to the stage….Cinnamon.” Well I need to work on the stripper name but you get the picture.  Oh and I have been thinking about becoming a Zumba instructor. I love Zumba so I think it will be fun. I also joined the 30 day Jillian Michaels challenge for Oct. 1st I’m doing Ripped in 30 and 6 week Abs. My 31st birthday is on the 24th and I’m hoping to drop a pant size by then. OMG I can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you Hookstars my best news of the week! Okay I was meeting the Hubby for a lunch date and even though it was his lunch break I decided to get a little dressed up make up and all. Well long story short after lunch I stopped for gas and was approached at the pump by this guy he was kinda cute. But anyway he asked if he could talk to me for a second, I was like no then he said if I fill your tank can you give me a few minutes of your time ( well considering I drive a expedition and gas cost $100 heck yes) So he filled up my tank complemented me on being pretty and sexy blah blah blah. So I asked how old he was and he said 23. I was like a giddy little school girl at that point. I told him I was 30 and happily married and sent him along his way but holy shit 23! Wow I’m defiantly improving my MILF Status!!! Look out Bitches I’m Bringing Sexy Back! Lol.

Smiles All Around and Kisses

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