Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Dance

Totally Random: I’m on this mission to have a totally amazing sex life and the only way I feel that my hubby and I can achieve that is by trying new things and finding the dirty whore within me. So far the few that we have tried have been a total fail but I have something new up my sleeve I’m talking 50 Shades of Grey type shit. Last Wednesday I took a trip to the adult toy store and picked up a few items: penis rings, bull nose nipple clamps, pleasure beads, vibrator, wedge pillow, feather, and a paddle. I’ve had these items since Wednesday and have been to chicken shit to try them out. My hubby has no idea as to what I’m doing because I want it to be a surprise. Ugh I don’t know what the problem is with me I have a bag full of toys already to explore with my hubby and what do I do…..have a friend take sexy pictures of me posing in different outfits. I took eight pictures and each hour while he was at work I sent him one with a. dirty caption of something I was going to do to him later. He totally LOVED it!!! So my new mission is to break out that bag of toys sometime this week.

Healthy Me: So I mentioned in my last post about this strict meal plan that I was following this week. Well I am happy to report that I have lost a total of 3 pounds and now weigh 141 HOLLA!!!! (insert happy dance here) I only exercised three days this week and now I’m thinking of how much I would have lost if I exercised everyday but whatev.  I’m so happy that shits over with it, it was so damn hard to stay focused but I did and later today I’m gonna enjoy a nice bowl of skinny banana pudding.
Today I ran my first ever 5k. My time was 27:27 and I placed 4th in my division!! My hubby and kids were there cheering me on but when I crossed the finish line they were nowhere to be found. I called his cell to ask where he was and why didn’t he get a picture of me crossing the finish line his reply was this:
Hubby: “well when you run on the treadmill it takes you 36-40 minutes to run a 5k. I figured that since you were running outside it would take you about an hour so I took the kids to the park across the street.” WTF really?! I was a little ticked but that went away once I found out I placed 4th.FYI for those that want to know…I trained 4months with the c25k app. I ran outside as well as on the treadmill. A little tip I learned from watching Extreme Makeover Weight- loss Edition: when running on the treadmill run on an incline of 1.5 because it simulates outside running otherwise the treadmill will be doing most of the running for you. Have a Great Week Hookstars!!!!
Smiles All Around and Kisses
~Krazy Cutie~


  1. I say you use the nipple clamps on him for missing that

  2. I love that you you-tubed a dance to perform! lol! You sound about as graceful as I am! So funny!