Friday, October 12, 2012

Quick Update

Totally Random:  Hello Hookstars! Yes it’s Friday and I’m in a totally awesome mood today. So here is a quick update. I have decided to start once a month cooking (I know right?!) Well I have been thinking about freezing meals off and on for the past year and have decided that starting November that I would just dive right in. I have been on Pintrest and Once a Month Mom and I have a few recipes to try out. Starting out I’m only going to cook enough meals to freeze for two weeks (baby steps) and if I totally love it I will cook a whole month of meals the next time.  Is it bad that even though I’m home all day I hate cooking… for some weird reason I feel like it’s such an inconvenience for me. Oh and a friend invited me to go thrift shopping with her. Umm I’m not sure if I will like it but she finds awesome stuff all the time so…we shall see how it goes.
Healthy Me:  So as you already know I’m now a stay at home mom, with that being said I have lost my motivation to workout. I am kid free from 8:20-3:00 and I just can seem to find the motivation to workout. I know I have no excuse. So far I worked out twice last week and once this week.  That’s right ladies I feel off the wagon, but starting next week it’s on. I printed and filled in my workout calendar and bought stickers. I’m going to do Ripped in 30 as my morning workout and walk or run for my afternoon workout. I have been able to maintain my weight which is currently 142.2  my goal is to be 130 by Christmas. I just have to get off my lazy ass and move. Have a great weekend!


  1. I wish I had the freezer room to do the monthly cooking thing. But I do also like fresh veggies with my meals so that would kind of negate it. I think it's good for a few back up meals like spaghetti etc.

    And I totally understand about the no motivation. I have all the time in the world. I don't work and my son is 18 (Although mentally disabled) and at school all day, so it's not like I have an excuse not to exercise. Yet I find them! I have made a goal to try to get more in though.

  2. I do it all the time and love it. It comes in handy when you dont feel like cooking and it saves me alot from eating out!

  3. I've always wanted to do that! Maybe one of these days!!

  4. Hello! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you and your blog for an award! Please follow the link to my blog to read all about it. Thanks =]